Faecal Egg Counts

Monitoring faecal egg counts in sheep

Conditions in Western Victoria are often conducive to the survival of round worm (ostertagia) eggs on pasture through most of the year. The vast majority of any property’s worm burden resides on the pasture with the sheep being simply the intermediary by which the worms go from one generation to the next.

Monitoring sheep worm egg burdens through faecal egg counts is the standard way of assessing overall worm impact on animal health and the continued efficacy of worming treatments. It is especially important in young sheep due to their lack of immune system protection from the effects of round worms.

CVC offers a quick turn-around Faecal Egg Count monitoring service run through our in house lab (usually same-day results). We can also organise a Drench Resistance Test to assess the viability of your current drenching program off the back of FEC results.